About David Silver

David Silver is a certified Qigong instructor offering private and group Qigong and Taijiquan classes on Cape Cod, MA. He works as a writer, producer, and director of instructional martial arts and health videos, and is the co-author of several books and videos.

David Silver has studied continuously since 2000 to become a certified Y.M.A.A. Qigong Instructor, under Master Yang, Jwing-Ming. YMAA (Yang’s Martial Arts Association) is the world’s leading Chinese martial arts organization, with over 50 schools in 18 countries.

Dr. Yang’s background as a physics professor and Ph.D in mechanical engineering and his Western scientific perspective in his qigong theory teaching appeals to me. I’m interested in a modern understanding of the human energetic circulatory system, with supporting data from current research in the field. I am an editor of Dr. Yang’s articles and more recently his book Qigong Meditation: Small Circulation. In 2007, I co-authored a book with a colleague who works in Boston using the techniques we practice in class to help improve the quality of life of people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

I work as a writer/producer/director of instructional martial arts and health DVDs and I volunteer as project manager of the 10-year training program at the nonprofit YMAA Retreat Center, located in Humbolt County, Northern CA.

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4 thoughts on “About David Silver

  1. Good Morning,
    I am interested in training in your qigong and tai chi classes tonight, Wednesday September 9, 2015. I took a limited number do tai chi classes several years ago studying the 24.
    Are both classes in Harwich or is the qi gong class in Dennis?
    So looking forward to training with you.
    Betsy Bearse

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